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Archaeological Planning conditions solved. We are an accredited consultancy and contractor for all kinds of archaeological requirements:

Monitoring - this form of work is also known as a watching brief, we monitor the ground-works or footings and service runs of the new build.

Historic Building Recording - a full record is made of the building in a written form , photographic and scale drawings, depending on which level of English Heritage 1-3 is requested. Research is carried out on the building's past and historical setting. All of our records or surveys are completed to English Heritage standard.

Evaluation - this takes the form of trial trenching across the site of the new development to assess and sample the archaeology that may exist there.

We  can undertake geophysical surveys - a non-intrusive survey of your site to assess the archaeology.

Desk-Based Assessment is another kind of non-intrusive archaeological investigation, carried out through research and record analysis and presented in an objective and interpretive form of the information gathered (documentary and cartographic-mapping).

Our Expertise

We can carry out all archaeological work including Historic building recording; evaluations, monitoring of groundworks, surveys. Artist reconstructions of sites; see below.


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We have recently moved so that we can serve East Anglia more efficiently than before. Within our working area we include Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire. outside these areas, please consult us.

The Mammoth site at Lynford quarry